Wood Rot Repair

Wood rot can destroy parts of your home if left untreated. After a significant period of time, the wood can become unstable and cause entire structures to collapse. This is not something you want to have happen to your home.

While it sounds devastating, it’s actually one of the most common problems homeowners have to deal with. And, the good news is, wood rot is repairable and there are symptoms. Most often you will see off-white cotton-like sheets on timber and brick in the early stages, and in the later stages, you might see thick white fungal strands or deep cracks along grains of timber. When you do find any of these signs, you need to get it taken care of immediately.

Brought on by wetness, any wood has the potential for rotting. Wood rot is the result of a fungus growing on the wood. These fungi thrive on moisture. While all wood rot is caused by moisture being present at some point, it doesn’t mean wood has to remain wet to decay. Brown rot, soft rot, and white rot are all types of wood rot most commonly seen and each affects the chemical structure of wood just a bit differently.

Once discovered, there are two options depending on the extent of damage done. We can either completely replace the wood or we can attempt to repair it. If the damage is extensive, the best solution to ensure the surrounding wood will not be compromised is to simply replace the wood.

If we are able to repair the wood, Rusty’s Dandy Painting first removes all the damaged wood. Then, to ensure the surrounding wood is still usable, we inject a liquid wood hardener. Next, we will coat the wood with a wood filler made of either a two-part epoxy or polyester. After we shape it appropriately, priming and painting is all that remains. During this entire process we will take preventative steps in hopes that your wood does not rot again.

While certain steps can be taken to prevent or delay wood rot in the home, once it has happened, you need to call a professional. Rusty’s Dandy Painting can repair the wood in your Kansas City home back to a stable shape, call today: 913-341-9125.

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