How to Use Paint to Set the Mood of a Room

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painting- Kansas-City-KSColors can be more powerful than you might think—and that’s why it is wise to consider their effect before you choose one to paint a room. Certain colors can evoke happiness, others can inspire excitement, and still others can induce sadness and depression. It is important when decorating a room to understand how the colors of the walls affect the mood of said room as well as the moods of whomever will be in that room. Here is a basic guide to help you get started before you call the professional painters.

• Green and blue. These tones are known for their soothing effect. They often help people feel more relaxed and calm. Researchers have found that cool blue and green tones can even help lower blood pressure, heart rates, and anxiety levels. Try for colors such as sky blue or sea foam green—even a deep olive can be both soothing and attractive. Pair it with a deep yellow or gold trim, and you’ve got an attractive, calming color scheme.

• Yellow and orange. Yellow and orange have been found to have stimulating and energizing effects. Orange can actually help generate enthusiasm, while yellow feels welcoming. If you are painting a kitchen, consider an orange-based color scheme, as this color stimulates appetite. Otherwise, use these colors as accents—they can be jarring if they cover too much space, and if you choose the wrong shade, the room can be downright unpleasant to the eyes and the mood.

• Red. Red is associated with excitement and stimulation as well as increased heart rate, respiration, and brainwave activity. As another color that should be used as an accent, red can be over stimulating if too prominently used. Also, take care to avoid crimson—it can contribute to feelings of hostility and anger.

• Neutral colors. Colors such as cream, white, and black work to balance out the more vibrant colors, but do not often evoke and particular emotions or reactions. Avoid painting your room brown or any darker neutral color—while excellent accent colors, if they cover the walls, they can inspire feelings of depression in those in the room.

If you’re still not sure what colors are best for a particular room, ask the experts—at Rusty’s Dandy Painting, we are happy to help you choose the perfect color scheme for any room or rooms you’re looking to transform.

webmasterHow to Use Paint to Set the Mood of a Room

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