The Top 4 Characteristics of Quality Paint

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Characteristics of Quality PaintWhen it comes to choosing paint, you need to make sure you understand paint characteristics so you can make an informed decision. The lowest price paint is not necessarily the best bargain. Usually the higher the price of the paint, the better quality it will be.

  1. One way to tell the quality of paint is by others past experiences with the paint. Find others who have used it before and find out how they liked it. We live in a world where the internet can be out greatest tool to find product reviews. Simply search for the type of paint you are interested in and you are sure to find others opinions on the product.
  2. Another characteristic of quality paint is its wearability. When you are painting, you want to make sure you choose a paint that is resistant to every day ware and tare. You need to make sure that if it gets scuffed up, it can be easily wiped off without peeling off the wall.
  3. It is important to make sure that the paint you choose will cover the surface smoothly and evenly while adhering well. A paint that adheres well to the surface being painted will result in a flawless finished product. Latex paints have acrylic binders that tend to adhere extremely well to most surfaces.
  4. You want to pay special attention to the main ingredients in the paint. High quality ingredients in paint allow it to deliver better results. Some less expensive paints may be filled with additives that lessen the quality and durability of the paint. The amount of pigment and binders in the paint is also a deciding factor. The binders in the paint are what help the pigment adhere to the surface being painted. There are many different types of binders that can be added to paint that will protect it from sun damage, scuffing, and resist moisture among other things.

Take these paint characteristics into consideration when you are choosing a paint type for your home. You will be sure to end up with a job well done if you use a higher quality paint.

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Rusty DavidsonThe Top 4 Characteristics of Quality Paint

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