Painting Your Laundry Room

Painting Your Laundry Room: What Color Is Best?

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Many people tend to forget about the laundry room in their home. It isn’t exactly the most exciting place in the home. No one wants to go there because it tends to be quite small and there is Painting Your Laundry Roomalways dust in the area. When you make a trip to the laundry room, that means you are about to embark on an unpleasant chore. Regardless of whether you are folding or washing laundry, it isn’t the most pleasant chore in the home. So, the question arises. What color should you paint a room that no one really likes to begin with?

Should you leave it a neutral beige color? Should you choose one of those cans from the garage that has been sitting outside for who knows how long? Are you thinking about painting it some bright shade in the hopes that it will help you get the laundry done quicker? Well, you don’t have to worry about how to choose a shade any longer. You are in the right place.

Most of the time, people opt to paint their laundry room the same color as their hall or foyer. Since these areas are normally neutral, they allow you to tie in stronger color choices around the rest of the home. Laundry rooms often end up getting what’s leftover.

What about those who don’t want to paint their laundry room beige? Even though you should aim to keep this area neutral, you can always give it some pizzazz with a touch of color. Take a look at the floor and see what color you can tie in to the room. Since a laundry room isn’t that large, you can always opt for a monochromatic look to give it the appearance of being larger.

Another way to choose color is to look at the colors that make up your countertops. Many countertops have a gray coloring in them, which works great for accenting your white or black appliances, plus, it is a really trendy color in homes today.

If this still isn’t exciting enough for your particular taste, you can bring in one of the popular coastal colors. Consider adding in a soft green or blue to create a warm and welcoming environment. Between the hum of the washer and dryer and the soothing colors on the walls, you might find yourself ready to take a nap before the spin cycle is underway.

If you are struggling to figure out what color to use, consider going with a shade of brown. It will go with almost any flooring, cabinet and counter. Brown also works well to hide any scuff marks appearing on the wall from carrying your laundry basket into the area.

Rusty DavidsonPainting Your Laundry Room: What Color Is Best?

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