Exterior Painting

Our expert painters at Rusty’s Dandy Painting in Kansas City have the appropriate tools and knowledge for any exterior painting job. Because we know higher quality paint means your home will look better as well as last longer, our painting products are the highest quality available. This means your home will stand up to the harsh Midwest winters for years to come.

Rustys Exterior painter Kansas CityWhen we first come in to begin work on any exterior painting job, we spend time prepping the area. This includes priming and caulking and sometimes power washing. Without these, you don’t have a good foundation for your paint. It’s going to wear quicker and you’ll be faced with needing to repaint your home’s exterior in about half the time. The reason for priming your home is to provide a good solid base. We then caulk any areas needed as caulking creates a protective barrier against water damage, leaks, mold, and drafts.

If caulking isn’t done properly, your home’s exterior could have further issues. Wood rot is a problem with the outside of our Kansas City and Missouri homes just as much as it is with the interior of our homes, but homeowners often overlook the exterior. If the exterior paint is cracking or peeling, it means there’s a chance that moisture could be sitting on the wood itself. If this happens, wood rot can grow, threatening your home’s structural integrity.

This is the benefit of hiring Rusty’s Dandy Painting to come in and take care of your home’s exterior painting. While we are prepping for the exterior painting, we will replace any damaged wood and trim, as we are experienced in wood rot repair services.

When we begin the actual exterior painting, we work in stages. First, we take care of the main part of the home, and then we work on the trim, and last shutters and doors. We take our time throughout the process making sure we are respectful of your home.

Give our expert painters a call at Rusty’s Dandy Painting, 913-341-9125, and let us help you protect your home with our Overland Park professional exterior painting services.

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