Deck Refinishing

Rusty’s Dandy Painting can restore your home’s deck to its former glory. Through deck refinishing you can choose to make your deck look like what it did in day’s past, or choose a whole new look. The entire process takes a couple of days, drying time included, and is typically done when rain is not forecasted and the temperature will be between 50 and 90 degrees outside.

The proper sequence of steps is very important for proper refinishing. To start the process, we will check over the entire deck to ensure all the boards are still functional and safe for further use. If any look unstable or rotten, we will replace them before we continue.

If you currently have stain on your deck we will strip this away and begin cleaning up the boards by power washing. This will ensure they all have a smooth and viable surface that the stain can properly adhere to. We will allow plenty of time for the boards to dry before anything else happens.

As we begin the staining process, you will have the highest quality of products to choose from. We only offer the best, so you know your refinishing will last. You will not have to worry about your deck’s finish fading from UV rays or the Midwest elements.

While painting is an option, we do prefer deck staining. It is the best option for outdoor decks. Wood that sits outdoors tends to expand and contract throughout the seasons. Stains provide a flexibility that allows wood to shift, which paint does not. It also requires fewer coats than paint, which means less time and money for you. To allow a deck to completely dry, it only takes about two days.

If you are considering refinishing your deck, the experts at Rusty’s Dandy Painting can take you through the entire process, from start to finish, to make your deck look better than ever. Call us today: 913-341-9125.

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