Ceiling Painting

Just as wall color can fade over time, ceilings can yellow over time from exposure to sunlight, moisture, smoke, and cooking oils. Water leaks can leave unsightly stains. Renew the color and restore the vibrancy to your ceiling with ceiling painting and ceiling repair services from the professional painters at Rusty’s Dandy Painting.

Before we begin painting, Rusty’s Dandy Painting will inspect your ceiling for damage. We will patch cracks and repair water damage before sanding. We will then prime and paint. Rusty’s Dandy Painting uses only high-quality paint products. While ceilings are usually painted at the same time as walls, we can paint only your ceiling if needed.

In addition to ceiling painting and repair, Rusty’s Dandy Painting can also remove popcorn ceilings for a new modern look. We moisten the texture and then scrape it clean, minimizing the mess. If done improperly, removing popcorn ceilings can cause damage to your ceiling. Our professional painters are experienced at popcorn ceiling removal and know how to do the job right. Rusty’s Dandy Painting can also add popcorn, knock-down or orange peel ceiling textures to your ceiling.

If your ceiling is showing its age or you want to add ceiling texture, call Rusty’s Dandy Painting at 913-341-9125 to schedule a free consultation.

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