Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing typically takes about a week. Rusty’s Dandy Painting will remove all of the hardware and fill in any holes or imperfections. We will then sand all of the doors, drawers, and faces and caulk any gaps. Our professional painters will carefully mask all areas of the kitchen not being stained or painted. We will then brush or spray on the paint or stain. Rusty’s Dandy Painting uses only high-quality paint and stain products for cabinet refinishing.

Rusty’s Dandy Painting offers a few different cabinet finishing options: Cabinet painting – High-grade enamel paint is applied to your cabinets. Painting cabinets offers nearly endless color options.

Cabinet staining – Staining brings out the natural beauty and charm of the wood and allows the wood grain to be seen. A transparent top coat is applied to protect the cabinets from dirt and grease.

Cabinet glazing – A flood coat of contrasting glaze is applied over a base stain or paint and is then wiped off by hand. The glaze adheres to the natural grooves in the surface of the wood. The space between the mouldings will show the contrast and complimentary color. No two doors will look exactly alike using this technique.

Which cabinet finishing technique you use is primarily a matter of your preference, although some wood types and cabinet styles will lend themselves more to certain finishes. The style and décor of your home will also factor into your decision. The professional painters at Rusty’s Dandy Painting can offer suggestions and advise on which cabinet refinishing technique would work best for your specific project.

Rusty’s Dandy Painting can color match paint and stain. If you have a sample finish you like or have existing cabinets you want to match, we can match it. Call Rusty’s Dandy Painting at (913) 341-9125 to schedule a free cabinet refinishing consultation.

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